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Hello! I first published this page in the summer of 2021, but its origins date back more than a decade prior. I still vividly recall the scene back in the early 2000’s as I was walking in downtown Sandusky with my mobile flip phone (which was camera-less). I saw a squirrel who had found a discarded Dum-Dums sucker on the sidewalk. He was literally holding the sucker stick between his front paws and hungrily nibbling away on the fruity flavored knob at the end of the stick. Ever since that encounter, I always wished that I’d had a cell phone with a camera on it at teh time. Once I finally bought my first cell phone with a camera (it was a Motorola Razr), I’ve often kept an eye out for odd, inspirational, funny, annoying, or cute scenes that I encounter in daily life. I don’t always get the shot, but I at least often have a camera with me to try.

I am usually most observant when I take daily walks around town, while shopping or running errands, or while on a weekend away from home; but there are some photos of things I see while driving or at work.

Many of those shots I’ve saved in my photo rolls. Some of them I have posted to social media with my sarcastic remarks. Because those posts tend to get lost amid all of the other “noise” posted online, I decided to pull out what I could find and put them into this new photo blog so that they would be more easily accessible.

Where possible, I have adjusted the blog post date to more accurately reflect when the photos were taken and/or first posted. Most of the captions and comments in the blog remain verbatim to what was actually posted to Facebook at the time; however, with some of the photos that were never posted online, I’ve added new remarks about what is depicted in them. Although this is primarily a photo blog, on occasion I may post a passing thought or musing without any specific photo or image.

This blog started as just an avenue for my own memory and reflection, but I am sure at some point I will share it with some friends or others may stumble upon it linked from some other online presence of mine. If that accurately describes you, enjoy!


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