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Good Omen

First day of sophomore year – Fall 2022 – in front of the house, just before going to school.
First day of Sophomore year – Fall 2022 – in front of the school, just after being dropped off.

I don’t know whether it is good luck or not, but I choose to believe so. Today is my daughter’s first day of 10th grade and although she won’t let me walk her to school any longer like I routinely did in her younger days – she does still let me take a first day of school photo each year. A few dead/dying trees were recently taken down in front of the main entrance to the school in preparation for some new landscaping. It looks like someone also got a head start on supplying fertilizer for the yet to be planted new items.

Someone might want to suggest to the school that they invest in my not-yet-off-the-ground project that I came up with a few years ago.

Good luck today, Kassidy!

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