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Carrot Face

Carrot slice from my wife’s lunch salad.

We had lunch at Yard House after doing a little Black Friday shopping. My wife got a salad with her lunch, but she does not typically like raw carrots. Our daughter loves raw carrots, but really doesn’t like cheese. So call it irony that the one from our trio who was the pickiest eater as a child (me) got to eat this carrot slice because it was yucky to each of the other two for two completely different reasons!

Call it double irony that I am currently taking prescribed iron pills due to an anemic iron reading for each of my two most recent attempts to donate blood. (Aren’t carrots a good source of iron? Or is that just the leafy vegetables?)

Knowing his fate, the carrot face was NOT smiling (he actually looks like he has a tear coming out of that one eye), but he sure did taste good with a nice crunch!

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