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Elder Spokesmodel

Two elder related brochures which sit side by side in my office.

Granted, the one on the left is a little bit old as it has been several years since Mike DeWine was the Ohio Attorney General, but it struck me as coincidence that the same woman is pictured as the face of both Elder Abuse Prevention and Catholic Charities Guardianships!

I first noticed back in early March that these were the same woman – which is when I took the above side by side photo. Imagine my surprise a few months later (just this week) while browsing the web for some furniture related websites. I was looking specifically for the Encore Shop and found the smiling face below greeting me on their web site. (The image that pops up on the site actually rotates, but she is prominently featured in that rotation).

Encore Shop web site screen shot.

I don’t mean this in the casting moral judgments way, but this young lady sure does get around!

It is also occurred to me that these aren’t of the single one-time-shoot stock photo variety. The medical care giver in the first brochure and the hairdresser in the web site screen shot look like they could also be the same person (which raises an entirely new question – which is she: a nurse or a hairdresser?), but notice that our grandmotherly figure is wearing three different outfits in each photo. So she either has a modeling contract with the stipulation of multiple costume changes or some other arrangement where they come back at different times to take photos in different circumstances. Whoever she is, I hope that she gets some sort of photo royalties!

Now I am curious to discover where else I might find her!

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