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Slow Start…

…Strong Finish

I don’t often post personal/created content here, but I had to make an exception in this case after the family and I had an afternoon of bowling thanks to the Knights of Columbus council #546. I bowl about once every 2-3 years on average, but have gone each of the past three years for this event. I’m not sure if I have ever broken 100 before. My bowling skills have infinite room for improvement.

But I somehow managed to pull a good one out of my bag to close out the afternoon. I remember specifically telling my wife after my first roll on the first frame knocked down a single pin and the score was 1-0-0 (with the other two not having rolled yet) that we should probably just end the game there.

Bowling score at Star Lanes in Sandusky on April 7, 2024 at the Knights of Columbus – Family Bowling Party.

Ironic that the other two players each rolled a strike in the first frame after I had the embarrassing 1 followed up by a respectable 8. Not a full spare pickup, but respectable…

The end result is far from a perfect game of 300, but for someone with my skill level – it is probably as close as I am ever going to see!

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