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Ad Space

Barn in Ottawa County, Ohio along State Route 269.

My guess is that this may have at one time been a good place to throw up a political campaign billboard or an advertisement for a local watering hole. But it looks like those days are long gone. I have seen roadside barns in far worse condition with what were likely 100+ year old solicitations to Chew Mail Pouch, but those barns were likely much more structurally sound with a long life ahead of them when the initial Mail Pouch painting took place. This guy is trying to solicit new ad space on an already dilapidated building one stiff wind away from being scrap lumber.

This sign advertising for advertising has been up on this barn for well over a year (quite possibly much longer) with no takers. I’ve passed by this location quite a few times over the past 18 months before I finally decided to snap a photo of it for the blog. It made me wonder though – what is the going rate for leasing sign space on a deteriorating barn? Is this opportunistic fellow simply asking too much money for what is reasonable and customary? Perhaps he is looking for an amount which would allow him to rebuild or at least shore up the barn?

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