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Flawed Philosophy

Vehicle traveling north on Columbus Avenue in Sandusky.

I try not to get too political here, but basic human rights aren’t politics. When I see incompatible instances of virtue signaling I’m going to call it out. To quote one of my favorite T-shirts that I wear out in public on occasion: “I AM PRO-LIFE. I do not apologize for it.” I know many who share this driver’s political views will deny the inherent incompatibility of the extreme left and right bumper stickers on this rear window, but I can’t not point it out.

How can one be so concerned with protecting children [over guns] as the far left sticker proclaims, yet at the same time promote defending the murder of innocents in the far right sticker proclaiming to defend choice and save Roe? There is no “Love is Love” sticker on this car, but what about the idea that Life is Life? If you truly want to protect children, why not start with where they are the most vulnerable and where they are the most murdered? Otherwise, using children as your virtue signaling motivation for being anti-gun is very disingenuous.

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