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Male Nurse

I may be treading into unsafe territory here, but I sincerely hope this is not fallout from the movement that biological men can gestate babies in their non-existent wombs. Fathers can change baby diapers (I’ve done it many times myself). And the reminder to “Always stay with your baby when using this table.” is not wasted sign space or empty words. But is there really the need to inform men in the men’s bathroom that there is private nursing space available in the fitting rooms?

To be fair to all possible reasons behind this sign, I did notice the exact same sign up in the women’s room – the door was propped open by custodial cleaning crew and the duplicate sign was on the wall facing me as I exited the men’s room – I DID NOT walk into to the ladies’ room. So perhaps this is just a single standard sign designed to be used in both gender locations. Even so, why can’t we just acknowledge that men are not women and women are not men? Which brings me back to my original point. Is there really a need to tell men who biologically cannot nurse a baby where they can go to do so privately?

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