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Cowboy Buckeye

A football fan living on Osborne Street in Sandusky, Ohio.

I’ll bet it must have been a tough weekend in THIS house. But at least they aren’t Ravens fans.

For frame of reference for anyone who is not a football fan or doesn’t recall the particular weekend game details after significant passage of time: the Dallas Cowboys lost their season opener last Thursday to the Tampa Bay Bucs in a very close game – 31-29 after TB hit a very late field goal (less than 10 seconds left) to take over the lead.

The 12th ranked Oregon Ducks beat the 3rd ranked OSU Buckeyes on Saturday 35-28 in a see-saw battle which had the Buckeyes driving for the tying score late in the game only to turn the ball over on a late interception.

But the unrepresented (in the above household anyway) Baltimore Ravens lost in OT to the Las Vegas Raiders Monday night after a horrible fumble deep in his own end of the field by QB Lamar Jackson!

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