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Doggie Devotion

Old woman walking her dog at a busy intersection in Sandusky, Ohio.

I was stopped at a red light in Sandusky this morning when I saw this devoted lady very slowly crossing two busy intersections to get diagonally across to an opposite corner as she walked her dog. I was able to snap a few photos as I came through the intersection behind her. She moved very slowly and the dog kept the same pace.

EDIT: I encountered this woman a second time on August 26th and posted the photo below on Facebook shortly afterward with the comment: “I saw this woman walking her dog a week or so ago near this same intersection. I took her photo then and added it to my blog (but didn’t post anything to Facebook at the time). I saw her again today on my way out of town. The ambulance was NOT called for her! It was simply coincidence that it was driving past.” A friend of mine recognized the woman and identified her as a neighbor who “walks her dog Angel at least 3x a day in just about any type of weather.” Given that dedication, I wonder which one is the ‘angel’…

Walking the dog near the same intersection eight days later.

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