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Dump truck traveling east on Perkins Avenue near the intersection with Hayes Avenue.

I was right behind this truck on my way to a meeting in Norwalk and I thought the orange sign on the back must have been pretty important because its print was so large. When I saw the truck turn on its right turn signal at this intersection – the same turn I was about to make myself, it got me to thinking – what is so important/dangerous/secretive that I was ordered to not follow this truck?

Dump truck traveling south on Hayes Avenue near the on ramps to Ohio Highway 2.

I was not intentionally following this truck driver, but I absolutely had to get to a meeting in Norwalk and this was my quickest route to get there from where I started! How am I supposed to not follow him if he was going the same way that I was? Just because he got onto the roadway ahead of me – he can’t force me to not follow him!

Dump truck preparing to turn onto the east-bound ramp of Ohio Highway 2 from Hayes Avenue.

For safety purposes, this was the last photo I took of this dump truck. I did follow the truck onto the on-ramp and followed him all the way to the four lane highway, where I immediately checked for approaching traffic, signaled to change into the left lane, and drove past the truck so that I was no longer “following” him. And do you know that this guy then decided to follow ME?!? Of all the nerve!

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