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Sign on the wall while touring a school building in Sandusky.

As a parent myself and as a person who didn’t have my first cell phone until after the age of 30, I can’t imagine the extent of distraction that these things can be to our young students today. But given society’s undeniable dependence upon them in 2024 (including myself) they are obviously here to stay. I am thankful that I didn’t grow up in the era where they were a staple for all schoolchildren.

I think there were about a half dozen or more copies of the above poster on display throughout the school we toured. It is nice to see that our schools have set boundaries and parameters which are clearly defined. If the teachers see it or hear it – they TAKE it. End of story. The lesson taught and learned is: DON’T use your cell phone in school! PERIOD!!!

I’m glad we have that established. No exceptions.

Here is the poster that was posted on the wall DIRECTLY OPPOSITE of the one taken above…

ANOTHER sign on the wall while touring a school building in Sandusky – literally directly across the hall from the first photo.

Ummmmm. yeah. so… hmmmmmmm. If I am a student and I see in real life in the school corridor what is being depicted in the photo to the top right of this poster, do I call 844-SAFEROH?

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