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Star Font

NextStar dance competition program logo.
Star Trek (the original series) TV logo.

I don’t want to accuse the NexStar dance competition folks of stealing/copying their logo font from someone else, and chances are the font used by Star Trek is not protected in any way. But can you be more obvious about it when STAR is a key part of your talent competition name? Maybe they (or the graphic artist who designed and sold them their logo) just assumed that SciFi nerds typically don’t mix cultures with dance moms and dance studios and nobody would really notice! For the record, the dance program lists this year as the 20th anniversary of NexStar. Meanwhile Kirk, Spock, McCoy and company’s five year mission to explore strange new worlds was technically in the future late 2200’s I believe, but the TV show itself was first broadcast in 1966. So unlike the chicken/egg question, which came first between these two designs is not reasonably up for debate.

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