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2021: A Good Year

Good Year blimp approaching Cedar Point from Lake Erie above the entrance to the Boardwalk.
Good Year blimp passing between the Wicked Twister and Giant Wheel with Gatekeeper in the foreground.

I took these photos of the Good Year blimp while walking toward the Windseeker entrance to Cedar Point along the Boardwalk. After 2020 and all that happened during what was supposed to be the 150th anniversary year at the park, 2021 has been a Good Year. We’d just arrived at the park when we saw the blimp floating above the lake. My nephew had just been hired as a musician for the HalloWeekends live entertainment. He just arrived in town earlier today and was finishing up his very first rehearsal session when we arrived at the park to grab some dinner and pick him up.

The Wicked Twister coaster to the right with the twisted yellow spires is set to be dismantled and removed this offseason after 19 years at the park. It gave its final rides just a week prior to this photo.

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