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Cardinal Visit

Cardinal in mid-flight just after taking off from the boardwalk.

I followed a cardinal for several minutes in and out of the trees at Sheldon’s Marsh trying to get a clear photo, but he kept flying away before I could snap the shot. I’m pretty sure this is not the same one I shadowed all the way up the path, but I eventually found this one near the boardwalk out to the beach. Just as I was about to take his photo he flew away and I was a bit discouraged to have missed his best and clearest pose yet. It wasn’t until later at home that I discovered I hadn’t missed him at all and that his action pose was far greater than the stoic one!

This image is also featured in a much lengthier post in my other blog No Coincidences With God.

Another photo of the same fella taken just before he flew down to the boardwalk and then away to safety.

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