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Lake Erie Whitecaps

Cedar Point beach at the entrance to the Boardwalk on a windy September day.

Nearly two weeks ago I uploaded a few photos in a post called “Lake Erie Glass” where the water on the Lake looked almost smooth enough to ice skate on. Today the wind whipped up another extreme and the island ferries shut down traffic to and from Kelleys Island and Put-In-Bay. The photo above and the video immediately below were both taken as we entered the Cedar Point Boardwalk at about 6:00 p.m.

Cedar Point beach on a windy September day as a few folks walk along the shore flying a kite.

The two photos below were taken a few hours later approaching 8:00 as we left the way that we came in – the clouds beginning to turn the colors of the sunset.

Cedar Point beach a few hours later as sunset approaches.
Wind blown sand dunes forming on the typically clean and clear Boardwalk.

These are the final days of the Wicked Twister rollercoaster in the background slated to be dismantled this offseason. We are less than one week from its final rides at Cedar Point.

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