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Nailed It!

Main entrance to the Sandusky Mall.

As we were leaving the Sandusky Mall this evening, I noticed some changes in the store lineup. It has been a while since we frequented the mall on a regular basis and the place has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years with many stores closing down and shifting focus – even before COVID hit.

The pink Hollywood Nails sign is pretty easy to read from this angle, but the dark blue back lit sign to the left if you cannot make it out is for Nail World.

I suppose just like the massive mattress market needs at least one (and sometimes two) mattress outlet store(s) in every single mini-mall in town, the bustling Sandusky shopping market needs two different Asian Nail Salons directly across the walkway from each other in our rapidly declining shopping mall. I suppose they wouldn’t both stay in business if they didn’t have the clientele to remain in business. And come to think of it (unless my memory is mistaken), it wasn’t really that long ago that there were two separate GameStop stores inside the same Sandusky Mall.

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