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We Stand United

Property at the corner of Columbus Ave. and Monroe St. in downtown Sandusky, Ohio.

I try to keep politics out of my social media posts as I have friends on both sides of the spectrum and despite the differences of opinion, I want to keep all of those friends. But on my walk this morning and in light of recent events (one of those 13 servicemen killed last week in the Kabul airport attack was local to northern Ohio) it was refreshing to see support for our nation and our flag. That’s all. No politics. No nationalism. No protests. No instigating or triggering. Just us supporting us. Yes, I DO pledge allegiance to this flag. Yes, both Donald Trump was AND Joe Biden is MY President. Anyone with any problems with any of this, feel free to express your opinions. When we stifle the freedom to express those opinions, we stifle ALL sides (more than just two). Keep that in mind when you express your opinion but cast venomous aspersions on the generalized unnamed person who might see things a different way than you.

God Bless Max Soviak and the 12 others who lost their lives while protecting our freedom.

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