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Literal Little Litter Spoon

Someone lost a baby spoon on Jackson Street in downtown Sandusky, Ohio.

At first glance, I thought this was another discarded toothbrush and I posted it to Facebook with my sarcastic comments as such: “The litterbug with excellent oral hygiene habits has struck again. Not going to church this time, but there is a school up in the next block. Maybe it’s a student perfecting one GOOD habit while exacerbating another BAD habit.”

But I was later corrected by one of my Facebook friends who correctly identified this as a baby spoon. I can’t think of anything sarcastic, witty, or judgmental to say about a poor hungry toddler who can no longer eat his or her strained peas without a favorite spoon that is forever lost! 😢 (Thanks for ruining my day, Anna).

Wider angle view of the discarded spoon. (See it really DOES look like a toothbrush when not up close!)

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