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Curb Enthusiasm

Sidewalk corner curb at the SW corner of the Decatur and Monroe Streets intersection in Sandusky.

If was just a few weeks ago that they finished up this utility project on Monroe Street where entire sections of sidewalk were replaced – not just at this intersection, but all over the downtown Sandusky area. You can see how new the cement is from its pristine condition and light gray coloration. Now barely even a month (if that) later they already have portions of it marked up for removal and re-pouring to address some other issue? Really? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just wait to pour the new sidewalks until after whatever work these hieroglyphic scrawlings indicate is coming next?

And if leaving the sidewalks unpaved during that interim would have presented a safety issue, let me introduce for the record Exhibits B & C below. Just two or three blocks away at the Hayes, East & West Park, and Columbus Avenue intersections we find similar hieroglyphs on top of a few different curbs that clearly needed poured after the utility work performed there, but they appear to be waiting for something else to happen first.

Five point intersection curbs from the south-west.
Five point intersection curbs from the south-east.

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